About us

Creative Art with strong Environmental, Political and Social message to move and inspire.

We are a new circus company, and our vision is to create real and important messages using all kind of performing arts. 

We are not just about showing of our extaordinary skills, but also our knowledge and creativity to make others think how to create a better life on our planet, Earth. 
We only have this one! 

But what makes us unique? 

We are based at one of the most beautiful place on Earth, the Brecon Beacons in Wales. 
The air is clean, the soil is rich and the people are all nice and welcoming. The scenery is unbelievable. 


In the near future we would like to open a building, a social place where creative minds can come and retreat from the craziness of society. Imagine a place where you can train, practice all kind of art forms, from painting, writing to circus arts and other sports. Imagine this place 

We have big dreams and we would like to help artists grow and find their inspiration to work towards to. 

We believe people in performing arts need a place to relax but also be creative. Unfortunately in today world the pressure of living as an artist, injuries, mental well being is not been recognised in a wider scale and we are very keen to change that! This is were our future goal is! 
While helping each other grow, we help our planet healthy. 
Our team is also environmentally aware of what is happening to Earth. We are aiming to not just inspire artist to work towards a better practice but to help them achieve it. We are connected with many nature and conservation charities, who are absolutely on our side to come and lead workshops to creatives who want to know more.

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